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This advanced special interest 24CE program will significantly advance your depth of awareness,  quality of care, hands on competencies, and your understanding of working with oncology clients.


This is an advanced program for therapists specializing in working with oncology clients in  wellness center, spa, or private practice settings.

Class details


Class Times: 9am to 6pm


Prerequisites: This program is open to massage therapists and estheticians who have successfully completed an S4OM or ISOE oncology foundation education program.


Please note class fills quickly. Register early. Please confirm space availability before processing your payment.  


Please visit Edu Policies for information about payment processing and cancellation policies.

Oncology II: Advanced Client Clinic

March 2 - 4

Wednesday to Friday

Bon Secours St. Francis

Health System

Greenville, SC

2016 Class Schedule

•  Further your understanding of different cancers, their treatment protocols, and side effect profiles.


•  Practice your hands-on circulatory modifications for clients with compromised cervical, axillary and inguinal lymph nodes


•  Under the supervision of the instructor you will work with oncology clients, each with different types of cancers or cancer treatment histories.

• Benefit from group engagement while planning your massage, bodywork, or skin care treatment strategy for your clinic clients.


• Participate in group review, feedback, and discussion about additional knowledge gained during the client intake and consultation, and how that affected the actual treatment sessions.


• Develop a personalized marketing and outreach strategy to support awareness and practice development in your community.

During this oncology client clinic program:

O2 deposit $75 O2 standard enrollment $450 O2 early enrollment $375 O2 standard balance $375 O2 early balance $300

To enroll click an option below


June 26 - 28

Friday to Sunday

Day 1: Golden West Community College, Huntington Beach, CA

Day 2 and 3: Hoag Cancer Center, Newport Beach, CA


September 25 - 27

Rescheduling -- Watch for new So Cal dates and location

Friday to Sunday

Moores Cancer Center

San Diego, CA


October 1 - 3

Thursday to Saturday

Cortiva Institute

Chicago, IL

*call 312-253-3319 to register

for this session only


March 2 - 4

Wednesday to Friday

Bon Secours St. Francis

Health System

Greenville, SC